About Us

About Us

Welcome to Ya'Della Beauty where Natural Healing Meets Beauty is our motto. Our Skin and Body care products are 100% natural, organic and handmade. Each product is crafted using different essential oils and herbs. Our chemical free products are made to make you feel and look good everyday with guaranteed results. 


To me Skin care and beauty have always gone hand in hand, since I was a little girl my mother taught me about being healthy, eating the right foods, but as I matured I realized that health extends beyond food , but also into your skin care regime. I decided that I needed to take the steps to create an all-natural, chemical free skin care line for women and men just like me, who want products without the harsh ingredients. This is when Ya'Della Beauty was conceptualized, 

I knew I had to make my dream into a reality, this entailed spending many long nights researching each ingredient until I finally came up with the perfect blend of herbs and essential oils. 

But this wasn't enough, I knew I needed to extend beyond just skin and into famine products. Many women suffer from menstrual cramps, fibroids and other yoni related issues. I wanted to create a product which would help to rejuvenate such a delicate feminine area. This is when I embarked on this journey to discover more knowledge about "Yoni". I was able to develop a well-balanced herbal blend. 


My dream is to be the most loved skin and body care company reaching people all over the world, changing lives one at a time. I want my line to reach all the women and men who need a little boots and rejuvenation in their life. This is more than just skin care, Ya'Della Beauty is a lifestyle.